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"For anyone who has ever wondered where Ian Fleming developed the ideas for James Bond, how Noël Coward came up with the premise for Blithe Spirit or why Nazi Germany’s Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland during World War II in a presumed effort to negotiate peace, wonder no more: William Triplett's brilliantly funny True Will answers all those questions, and in a  style and manner that will delight lovers of history, literature and theater." 


                                                                                                     -Eric Marchese, The Orange County Register


Aleister Crowley


Rudolf Hess


Noël Coward 


Ian Fleming

March 15, 2019

New Works in Action - Spring Festival of Staged Readings

Spooky Action Theater - Washington, D.C.

Richard Henrich, Artistic Director

Gillian Drake, Director, New Works in Action Program

True Will was among four scripts selected for public staged readings.

Ian Fleming ------------------ Scott Ward Abernethy

Noël Coward -------------- Jared Graham

Aleister Crowley --------- Brad Sperber

Rudolf Hess --------------- Joshua Simon

Penelope Money -------- Jacqueline Chenault

Sally Benson ------------- Morgan Sendek

Directed by Jordan Friend



November 4-6, 2016

Panndora Productions - Long Beach, CA

True Will was among five scripts selected for the festival of public readings held at The Garage Theatre in downtown Long Beach.

The Cast:

Ian Fleming ------------- John Wray

Noël Coward ----------- Pete Taylor

Aleister Crowley ------ Derek Long

Rudolf Hess --------- Phoef Sutton

Penelope Money ----- Karen Wray

Sally Benson ---------- Caitlin Lowerre

Directed by Pete Taylor


“ A wonderfully complex, interesting play with truly unique comic moments. Our audience loved it, the cast of the reading loved it, and we loved it. A real audience pleaser. What's not to like in a play that creates a scenario for the writing of Blythe Spirit and intertwines Noël Coward with Ian Fleming, Bond, Moneypenny and Alistair Crowley. Yummy stuff! Plus, Bill Triplett is a delight to work with as playwright. ”

- Sonja Berggren, Panndora Productions


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