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Monday, September 2, 2019, the Baltimore Playwrights Festival presented a reading of Medea Part Deux: That Woman! at the Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage New Play Festival.


The cast:

Medea .......... Billie Taylor

Aegeus ......... Daniel Collins

Nurse ........... Alyssa Bell

Medus ......... Donnell Hancock

Theseus ....... Adrian McDermott

Stage directions .... Rodney Bonds

Directed by George Andre Tittle


From left: Adrian McDermott, Daniel Collins, Alyssa Bell, Donnell Hancock, Billie Taylor - in the Kennedy Center South Atrium.

Medea Part Deux: That Woman!

Wednesday evening, October 24, 2018, the Baltimore Playwrights Festival presented Windows on Our World: Scenes from New Plays. The first scene of Medea Part Deux: That Woman! was among eight selected for staged readings at Fells Point Corner Theatre in downtown Baltimore, directed by Miriam Bazensky. 


All photographs courtesy of Rob Clatterbuck/


Penny Nichols as Medea's Nurse, opening the scene.


Medus (Jennifer Mikulski), soon to be prince and unsure of his sexual identity, trying to tell his mother Medea (Billie Taylor) that he really doesn't want to be king. Ever.


Billie Taylor as Medea, heralded by her Nurse, Penny Nichols.


Daniel Collins as King Aegeus, informing his illegitimate son Medus, played by Jennifer Mikulski (center), and his consort Medea (Billie Taylor) that they will soon be a family.


Nurse, Medea and Medus (Penny Nichols, Billie Taylor, Jennifer Mikulski).


Enter Theseus (Adrian McDermott, left), Aegeus's other illegitimate son, who he doesn't know about... but soon will. Medea (Billie Taylor) is suspicious.


Medea (Billie Taylor, upstage) immediately sensing the threat Theseus (Adrian McDermott) poses.

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